giovedì 10 giugno 2010

Arduino IDE with ATTiny45 (porting)

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some notes to better use the board end the software

You HAVE to modify "board.txt" to include the Attiny45 processor, add this part to end of the file w ATtiny45


attiny45.bootloader.path= attiny45

these line will define the board giving max memory size for program (4096) and instruct the compiler to build code for the tiny45.

to know which mcu are supported by avr-gcc and their names use
avr-gcc --target-help
in a terminal window (works in Mac OSX and probably in Linux)

PIN MAPPINGThe best I can do for the pin mapping is in the pins_arduino.c in the core folder, the function are multiple per pin depends on the function you use to refer to the pin;
I.E. analogWrite (0,231) // output a pwn signal to real pin 5
digitalRead(5) // read a digital value from real pin 1
analogRead(5) // read an analog value from real pin 1
and so on ... like in a real arduino .

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